Playstation Plus April lineup

                          April 2nd|2018|PsPlus

With April around the corner,Sony has announced their free playstationplus games to it memebers First is

MAD MAX: Gritty protagonist Max – the ‘Road Warrior’ – embarks upon a journey through a lawless post-apocalyptic world in search of supplies, solace and an even sweeter ride.

Trackmania Turbo:

A one-of-kind experience, Ubisoft’s outlandish arcade racer exists in a strange twilight zone between high-speed racing romp and rollercoaster simulator. In real terms, that means break-neck speeds, impossible loop-the-loops and the kind of ramp-to-ramp jumps that’d make Evel Knievel stand up and cheer.

Thats it for the April PlayStation plus for the ps4 side.


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